Manage your infra lifecycle

Cloudstash enables developers and architects to build and maintain cloud infrastructure as easily as they would write "Hello World" applications!
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Infrastructure from requirements

Generate infrastructure in seconds from just a business requirement!

Manage your cloud with IaC

Access, monitor and control your cloud though editable Infrastructure as Code scripts!

Chat with our Infra Bot

Monitor, edit and get to know everything about your cloud through simple language!


Get your architectures validated to meet security and compliance benchmarks!


Effortlessly test your architectures with your quick staging environments!

Choose from an architecture suite

Compare and select from a variety of architectures, the one that most suits your plan!

Save more on your cloud

Optimise your architecture to save on your cloud costs!

Easy integration with your cloud

Connect to your cloud seamlessly in just a few clicks!

Unified Tech Documentation

A single source of truth for your entire team!